Do Not Leave Baggage Unattended

An Orignial Piece

What is this all about?

Do Not Leave Baggage Unattended is an original piece created by the actors and director in the room.

During the rehearsal process the actors and director decided what kind of stories they have, which ones feel the best (or maybe the worst), and from there they created an original script!

We are so excited to present it to you!

Located in Sunderland Studio Theatre​ in the O'Bannon Music Center

Made Possible By:


Founder/Artistic Director: Paige Rogers

Founder/ Producer: Joe Rogers

Production Team

Director: Alwynn Accuardi

Design Team

Production Manager: Joe Rogers

Lighting Designer: Paige Rogers

Sound Designer: Alwynn Accuardi & Cast

Costume Designer: Alwynn Accuardi & Cast


Ethan Gambriel, Keisha McMillen, Lizzie Napier, Katy Foster-Dugan, Riley Naegele